Soans Farms

Soans Farms - Where that Magical Experience of A Great Holiday, comes true.  Snuggled in over 100 acres of Pineapple, Vanilla, Pepper and other exotic fruits like Rambutan, Mangostein, Langsat, Durian etc.

In Moodbidri, SOANS FARMS offer a never before treat to the nature lover.

The rustle of swaying trees cheerfully heralds your arrival.  And you are ushered into the peaceful environs of Soans Farms.  Strolling through the rich green grounds, along the plantation - lined avenues and pathways lined with trees, you'll feel welcomed, safe and relaxed in its tranquil surroundings.


As you lounge contented in the warmth of your cottage listening to the exotic chirping of the birds and the whispering breeze, a soothing calm descends on you.  And you are transported to a land beyond time.

Your own little getaway touched away in the serenity of the countryside, where the air still smells fresh... a delightful retreat from the rigors of city life - that's what Soans Farms is all about.

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Religion : Moodbidri being the Jain Kashi of South India, has many interesting monuments such as 18 matts and the 1000 Pillar Temple which dates back to the 8th century. 

Spice Tour : Learn the art of planting and maintaining the plantation.  For details on the farm visit

Cave Exploration : Plumb the uncovered depths of the Kanthavarcaves.      

Bird watching : Over 100 species of exotic birds waiting for you to discover them. Peacocks are commonly sighted on the farm.      


Cycling : Meet the natives who aren't exposed to tourists and feel the real village life. Discover  the country side and experience the adventure on wheels. Smell the flowers and the fruits as you pass the garden. Let the cool breeze caress your cheeks as you pass through the lanes. Stop whenever you went to rest , enjoy the breathtaking scenery or simply gaze at the sky. This surely lifts your spirits and makes your holiday a truly memorable one.  In India the culture, habits, beliefs, superstitions, rituals and religion changes from place to place. To learn more about the place you must mingle with the local people. We have cycling  trails for avid cyclists who would like to explore the countryside.    

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Rock climbing and trekking : 

Kodanjakallu : It is perfect for rock climbing and you can easily trek till the middle where you can meet the sadhu (holyman) who will tell you the story of the land when he is in a good mood.                            

Kudhuremukh : For more adventurous people a three day trekking can be arranged in the western Ghats. This includes camping in nature on the first & second night.

Exploring the unknown
 : Learn more about dowsing and other supernatural powers like hypnosis and astrology. Meet the experts in this field.   

Agricultural Museum:where you can see the collections dating back to centuries.  








                  Agricultural Museum