Small Wonders

In this section, we cover some interesting destinations. The reason why we call it wonder is because, so far, no one could find Scientific reason for these happening. So it is for you to come and discover the undiscovered.


It is believed that Mr. Frank Moody sent this design to a member of the society in Britain. It is claimed that if you keep a glass or Jug of water on this design over night, it will taste entirely different. It tastes SWEETER and SOFTER. It is also believed that this water has a cleansing action on body toxins if taken repeatedly.

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In 1979, using a small amount of oil, a poor woman lit a lamp. It is a popular local belief that this lamp continues to burn to this day without the addition of any more oil. Indeed many that have seen and examined this lamp vouch for this strange wonder. Even skeptics have been convinced. After some time, the good woman lit two other lamps using a little oil from the first lamp and kept next to it. They too continue to burn without the addition of more oil. Delight in this wonder or take on the challenge of offering a scientific solution.

Though the village lore has it that the lamp flame never extinguishes, the authenticity of the belief has been disputed by a few skeptics.  To know more about the arguments of both the groups Click Here.


At the foot of the Western Ghats, there is an ancient small pond where any sound like clapping makes the pond to bubble. If you solve this, the Jacuzzis would not need electricity.


Dowsing is an ancient art known for generations. Watch the dowser, carrying a forked stick locate a source of water. Perhaps you too may be gifted to do the same. Join the dowser and try to learn from him. Dowsing has been used to locate lost articles, trace magnetic fields of influence and calm troubled minds.

The Wonder Lamp

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16th May 2002

It has been claimed that three lamps at Chigalli village in Mundgod taluk of Uttara Kannada district have been burning continuously without any fuel for the last 20 years, a phenomenon hailed as miracle.

But on Tuesday, a five-member expert from the Karnataka Rajya Vijnan Parishat, which visited Chigalli, busted these claims after finding clear marks of a greasy substance on the exterior of the lamps.  "The miracle lamps", concluded the team "were an eye-wash".

One of the members, Dr. Narendra Nayak of Kasturba Medical College of Mangalore, said that initially, Nagaratna Raikar, the head of the household where the lamps were kept, and Rajesh Rao, head of the village committee for safe guarding the lamps, refused to let the team examine the lamps.  As such, it was not possible to subject the lamps to a detailed scrutiny.

But after much persuasion by the Assistant Commissioner who was accompanied by a posse of policemen, Raikar agreed to take out the lamps from the locked cupboard where they were kept on condition that the team would not touch them.  The team saw some greasy substance on the exterior of the lamps, indicating that oil was used to keep the burning.  The other members of the team were: Dr. S. J. Nagalothimath, medical director of BVV Association (Bagalkot), Prof. M. R. N. Moorthy from the department of molecular biophysics in IISc, Bangalore, B. S. Soppin, vice-president of the Vignan Parishat and Dr. H. S. Niranjan Aradhya, its honorary secretary.

In response to this, the other party has said the lamp are not hoax, we are ready to allow anyone to wait there as long as they want there to see no oil is added to the lamp.